Like Revenge
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The Che Arthur Three — Like Revenge
Release date : May. 26, 2009
Label : Past/Futures Records LLC
  1. Rewind, Repeat
  2. Crisis Wrapped Cast
  3. Hit Ink
  4. Fall From Grace
  5. Me, As The Passenger On That Same Rainy Sunday
  6. Mossblown
  7. Like Revenge
  8. Too Real
  9. Derail
  10. The World Is Lonely

LikeRevengeLP cover proof front

We’re asleep, and we do not sleep to see
And do we learn from histories, or are we caught in rewind, replay and repeat?
We do not sleep to see

Rewind and repeat
There was a fear that we might meet defeat
There with the wounds we thought might heal in time
Repeat and rewind

Time and two, and two make time
The distance and the mystery were all we had to keep us on the line
Time and two make time

Repeat and rewind
This was the chance we had to lead the blind
How could we leave this work so incomplete?
Rewind and repeat
With these lines in place
This is the one false move that spurred the chase
There with the words we felt we could not speak
Rewind and repeat

And if the cold hard ground will not take hold of me
Then throw these ashes to the sea
These are the consequences of the things we used to do
We claimed we’d change before the lie became the truth
And I can feel it take me in again
This argument that I can never win
You may not realize what that loss is like
But when you taste it, you will know that I am right

Soaked streets and the spill of bourbon – Don’t know you remained intact
Three days in the Hotel Chelsea – The dead messenger dressed in rags
Last stop on a train called wasteland – Five dollars and empty hands
Scorched mouths giving words of wisdom – Passed off in a concrete span

Stared down on a dusty highway – Stole off but you did not kill
Woke up with your anesthesia – Thrown off when you broke your will
Class battles for demonstrations – Glass houses full up with stone
Now this is your nervous breakdown – You finish it on your own

Now caress your dirtclod cheek, put ground beneath your weak-kneed feet
White razors and blood red nightstands, crowds screaming for your retreat
Fresh crisis on every turnstyle – wrapped up in a blue screen zone
Cast out of the world you thought you owned

Those bastards haven’t killed you yet – not that you haven’t felt the threat
You saw in monotone and pulled on boots you had outgrown
Not knowing how long they could get

Now caress your dirt clod cheek, put ground beneath your weak kneed feet
White razors and blood red nightstands, crowds screaming for your retreat
Fresh crisis on every turnstyle – wrapped up in a blue screen zone
Fleshed out when you felt no future – backed off when you lost your throne
Now this is your nervous breakdown – you couldn’t be felt or heard
We couldn’t have seen this coming – so nobody spoke a word
Fresh crisis on every turnstyle – wrapped up in the underground
Cast out when you thought you had it down

Hit Ink I am dulled of this sensation, and i don’t even know what i think
HIt Ink i am trying to dig through these walls we cling to as we sink
I think we are chained to our creation, so i know what i think and i think
Hit Ink there’s a change in expectation when the players are brought to the brink

And now you build it up but you break down
And you can cover your tracks, but what goes around, it comes around to you

In this freedom fight with no wrong or right
Drinking blood from the stones as they bleed
Hit Ink on these pages that stink and the forced words
Of the religion of power and greed

And now you hold this up as divine right
All you can do is make it up, and you do, but what goes around
It comes around and you can sell yourself as the chosen one
But are they sold on you?

Hit Ink you’ve withdrawn unto yourself now, you leave in ones and tens and twelves
Hit ink you are making me think there is no way out of the hole we have dug ourselves

And now you build it up but you break down
And you can cover your tracks, but what goes around
It comes around this is a sleight of hand with the facts
But we all know there is a smoke screen there and you don’t care
About the cause you use

Before we pay for all the crimes like you did,
Now we try to save ourselves while we can do it
With what we read into it, couldn’t we see through the hit ink?

As the fog lifts from the vine, there are no bricks to stall your climb
But i have gone to shadows – how could you wait until the end of time?

Left blankets tied by wire as fearlessly we marched into the fire
The days were gone we could conspire – you are alone now

And never claim that i was brave – i wore this mask of delusion to my grave
This world was fantasy, and i became its slave

Once freed from your golden cage, left precious memory hidden in the sage
Walking without ball and chain, still a captive of your frozen rage

You were freed from every cage
Forever chained to the war you’d wage

Now you are trapped inside this barren space
Where there is nothing left but poisoned waste
Without a future, lost in the past
You’re left to think about your fall from grace

You were all alone the day we met
Now you’re gone and there’s a hole that you left
As i watched your tail lights fade, I knew without you i would die this death

I never wondered if you cared at all that I’d answered your long distance call
All those times i told you, but you knew how it felt -
I only wanted to hold you, and be held

That was our moment in the stars
And as we counted out the hours, i knew you’d felt this too
But could this perfect moment not be ours forever?
I’d always hoped that we would be together

I didn’t know what i was here to do, I only hoped to disappear with you
For all the times I wished that i had never met you,
This time i knew that i could not forget you

I tried to summon words to slow the clock, but now the seconds had run out
You left the engine running and your car was swallowed by the rain
I swallowed my tears and i turned and walked to the train

Mossblown, we couldn’t have known genetics were at play
Pain pills, the tack and the shills that kept the sharks at bay

Night signs, caught up in the vines that crept across our yards
Wheat speed, the thought and the deed – the word that cuts these scars

Earth shade, the path of the blade – they cared when left face down
Shell shock, the mark of the flock, when thieves had wracked this town

Mossblown you have grown to hate the day you realized
That there was more than met your eyes
But besides the obvious, to find what has been wrong with us since our creation
You’d have to peel off your disguise

Uncivilzed crimes, the undeserving reap and snare
The power lost to the minions

Met with blankest stares
Caught down and unawares
Dollar short to realize it felt like no one cared

When the seasons change, you’re going to move to the west coast
well tell me how the wind blows now
when the stage that you claimed and the names that you named
are just pieces of yourself, if you could put them back together somehow

Now the earth’s on fire and you’ve gone to a new job
and is it what you wanted to do
Stop looking down your nose, and look around at those
who drain your empty life before the whole thing comes unglued

It’s why your life’s not like revenge
When you magnify it through a cracked lens
it keeps you straddling your picket fence again and again

There is rust and mold where this false currency is spent
And now you’re blaming everyone for every one of your sins
So your life’s not like revenge

Now we’ve retreated to our separate corners
is this how it’s supposed to be
as the story unfolds, there are things still untold
you lost the battle when you could have won the war with me

So your life’s not like revenge
When you’re struggling to make it make sense
And the means are rarely meeting the ends again and again

When you have seen me washed clean of this regret
I will have stopped comparing you to someone I haven’t met
I’m being honest with you now – I could not waste another hour
Begging you to see the things in me you’re withering without
You are without

And if i pushed you so far that you were pushed away
Then let me say that I have been where that has left you
I understand this was too real, I understand you are afraid to feel,
And that’s sad, but the excuse is sadder
When I’m no rung on your social ladder

Here is the truth that comes out in the end
Lack of the respect enough to even seem a friend
Dream up the reasons to reject, then shift the blame and spin the wheel
You run away where there is more than pretense
So afraid of anything too real

With these questions and lashes, and the stealing of lives barely risen from ashes
From similar crashes, while we navigate foils and clashes

Witnessing the end of the end of the world we hold
we are these organisms trapped in things we’ve bought and sold
With fool’s gold

We can’t go on but is this meaningless? Betrayed by trust in arrogance
Find a rising son and build him up to watch him fail
Then scream your feigned delight when somehow he does not derail

Watched the sun set on a UK beach, and still things seem the same
Everyone here has had the same idea, no matter how many times they’ve changed its name
And the stillness of the sea is like the silence between former lovers
who pretend they never knew each other

And the world is a lonely place today
Can someone reach out to someone else in some tangible way?
I’m standing here waiting to understand – this should be effortless
Make heads or tails of this

Everyone wants to breathe the air at the shore with the one they can call their own
And grow old with that person, and walk to the pier
where they find that the feelings they’ve had for each other have grown

They build lifelines together
They feel that nothing can sever them
From birth we learn this as the human endeavor
And we’re seen as less if we fail this test – we’re not compatible with anyone else

Here they walk with the wonder of children
Here they stand with the wisdom of age
And the pity they feel for the old and alone
and the sadness they feel when the one they had loved is gone
We’re all eventually gone

And the world is a lonelier place that day
Can someone reach out to someone else in some tangible way?
I’m standing here waiting to understand – this should be effortless
Make heads or tails of this